Competence in Plant Engineering

Tailor-made roasting plants of any size

Experienced mechanical engineers at PROBAT design any size of custom-made roasting plant for any requirement and any type of product. They draw up every facility according to the customer’s individual ideas and needs. An experienced contact is available at all times to help find the right solution. A comprehensive planning documentation available in the run-up to commissioning an order, provides an excellent overview of the investments involved.

Whether at an hourly output of 250 kilograms or several tonnes, PROBAT’s process expertise in the coffee industry is one of a kind across the globe.

PROBAT plants boast many other advantages: Convenient control solutions tried and tested throughout decades ensure the maximum utilization of all plant components. The latest environmental technology ensures effective immission protection and energy-saving potential when operating roasters. The range extends from thermal pre-cleaners to individually developed solutions with thermal pre-cleaning and catalytic afterburner in a low-temperature version. PROFORTE, which operates with flameless, regenerative thermal oxidation, stands out for lowest emission values and extremely high thermal efficiency. PROBAT also has a special conveyor system with a collection tank and compressor available in its portfolio so that ground coffee can be optimally compacted.

Designing an entire plant is a complex process which takes place in close collaboration between PROBAT and the customer. An entire range of factors determine which components are used. For example, depending on the individual requirements of the customer, it may be more important for one system to have a higher output or capacity, whereas it may be crucial for another to achieve a certain level of quality. An environmentally friendly plant design or a particularly safe plant is additional requirements that play an important role. High performance is required, for example, when a manufacturer produces large quantities of coffee. In this case, the machines must be designed for continuous operation around the clock. Environmental protection, energy efficiency, and safety are governed by the applicable regulations of the respective location. In all cases, PROBAT can respond to the needs of its customers with precision.