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Green coffee

This course covers the basics of green coffee:

  • Fundamental principles of coffee plants, producing countries and types of preparation
  • Storage and transport
  • Sensory basics
  • Trial roasts and tastings
  • Quality assurance for green coffee
  • Defects in coffee


Participants will understand how origins influence coffee aroma and therefore the taste of roasted coffee. They will learn how different green coffees require different processing methods to achieve the necessary level of quality.


  • Brief overview of green coffee
  • Factors that influence the roasting process
  • General chemical and physical changes in the roasting process
  • Factors that influence the roasted product
  • Compiling a roast log
  • Profile roasting
  • Blending before and after roasting
  • Trial roasting on the Probatino
  • Quality assurance

Participants will learn how the roasting process influences the development of aroma and taste. They will learn about the various roasting principles and how they are applied to achieve the desired end product.

Operator and process training

Operating roasters is a demanding and complex job. Operators and roast masters need to develop the right feel for their machine in order to use it safely and reliably. This requires knowledge and practical experience. Our operator and process training aims to transfer precisely this knowledge, including:

  • Explanation of the process technology in a roaster
  • Correctly starting, operating and shutting down the machine
  • Safety aspects in roasting
  • Explanation of roaster control
  • Recipe development procedure

Participants will learn how to operate their roaster safely and effectively. They will learn how to act in a way that minimises downtimes. They will understand the importance of regular machine care and maintenance.

Individual training sessions

Depending on customer wishes, we also offer individual training sessions on topics such as:

  • Product development
  • Capacity optimisation
  • Green coffee pre-warming
  • Oily beans
  • Acrylamide

Participants can benefit from a customised training programme tailored to their needs.


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